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The Transition House program at Turning Point Recovery Center of Springfield, Vermont, Inc. is a huge asset of the recovery center. Since July 2009, it has helped support individuals in recovery to have a safe and substance-free housing opportunity. Housing consists of individuals suffering from addiction on all levels, (ie. incarceration, homelessness, broken families). The transitional housing program has a positive success rate by preparing the individuals with support and education needed to establish themselves back into the community. TPRC currently provides seven beds available for people in recovery. The transitional housing program is seeking more funding in order to help enhance the quality of life for the people in the housing program. The program fee for each bed is $440 per month, with a total cost of $5,280 for one year. Our guests are early in recovery and financial insecurities are the biggest barriers these individuals struggle with. The first couple of months are essential for people to establish a good recovery foundation. Easing this financial barrier would help maintain better sobriety and give these house guests an opportunity to focus on other barriers that they struggle with such as employment and transportation. Thank you for your tax-deductible charitable donation!